The Violin’s One Note

I saw it before I heard it – the violin of course…

It was away far off in the distance, small, very small yet recognizable still.

Who can mistake a cannon for a violin

for heaven’s sake.

Yes – it was a violin that I saw this day.

As it drew closer I could hear it finally still and faint.

Still off in the distance, but it was the violin I heard.

Funny that, the sound emitted by the instrument though pure and simple, it was a singular note seemingly in unison with itself.

That is to say, a single note played that registered whole and full, a single note was all that was played yet I knew this single note was all that was needed.

Mmm… La Dee Da de da laaa de daaaa… it went, a single note in tune with itself and complete as though it were the whole ensemble of a symphonic orchestra.

Mmmm….. La de da…

The violin continued to play in and of itself continued to draw closer to me, this the violin did.

It’s one single note played pure and simple.

Not so loudly as to offend the ear

yet not so softy that one could not hear.

This single note alone it played and played

as if crossing the universe in a symphonic parade…

Of instruments you see some great some small,

This violin it played- it played the greatest of all.

Like the universe itself the violin was,

It played and it played just because,

The master who’s finger upon the bow caressed it,

Careful now careful the note need not be tested

To evoke from the listener the sighs of awe

No need for that here in this land from beyond

The borders that bind it to each man’s dawn.

It’s his soul to be tested again and again,

Test it for sorrow and heart aches, test it my friend

See if it breaths in the rising of the chest

and the exhalation still exposed,

See that it is life, life itself I suppose.

See if it’s life itself that one can surmise,

The breath of life from The Master

that will cause it to rise.

Rise up rise up you say, the one note will suffice

To bring sorrow and joy with this breath of life,

Up and down the spiritual plane,

Please play- play the one note,

Please play it again.

~ by Vinnie on July 13, 2018.

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