The Silent Echo

The Silent Echo

met me across the ribbons of time…

The slowly ebbing sea of memories and old dreams.

Visions once raised to great heights,

the highest mountains of thought yet

no longer to be seen.

Men and women have placed their footprints on steps of the fortresses built there,

And left behind for all eternity it may be

But not without care

Yet on another day to return to the mystics for both you and for me

Come along no time to dally for acquaintance or friend,

Come alone if you please we will all

be there in the end.

Return for a glimpse if you must at the

moments that have past

For the time has increased in volumes

only for eternity to last.

Hold on no longer to what you thought

was best

It’s part of today and tomorrow, these are memories that hold fast.

They last and they last as though formed forever more

Waste no energy looking back, it’s not death that calls

But life catching up …

… it’s life at the door.

~ by Vinnie on July 13, 2018.

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