At The Top

If I Were at the top

I would look down and see

All of the people

Who could look up at me

If I Were at the top

That’s what I would see

But here from the bottom

The bottom of the endless sea

I can only imagine

What the experience might be

Here in the depths

Where the deep ends be

If I Were at the middle

Maybe then gliding sleepily

I would vanquish the thoughts

Like a sea anemone

Who’s arms and tendrils

Glide effortlessly

That’s if and only if

It were meant to be

How could a giant

Live so small

Like a big big cucumber

In the shell of a pea

Anyway what matters this

Not to me not to me

For my resting place

Is busy very busy

Like a homely hive

Of the gentle bumbling

Of the bee the bumble bee

This all might sway truly

If I Were at the top

At the top you see

~ by Vinnie on February 12, 2019.

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