Enemies of The Third Reich

Enemies of The Third Reich were commanded..

to line up before the SS Guards, who were nothing less than street thugs in this environment.

Sadness knew no bounds this day among the men, women and children gathering here in front of their merciless masters.

These children and old men discarded here now and joined by the women, women of all ages.

Age made no difference with women, they were all treated the same, which was the horrible reality in the Nazi extermination camp this day.

Young women, old women; middle age women, those who had children and those without; and women who were “with child” about to give birth to yet more children, for the “master race” to test their unending medical experiments upon.

Women ordered to strip down before the SS guards who were worse than the common street thug found in the streets of Berlin or locked up in prison for their crimes upon the German people.

But here, in this camp … they were the “masters”, they were in control of the daily lives of these poor people.

These despicable minions of the dark-side had complete control of these unfortunates caught up in the grinding machinery of death the brutal ideology of ani-semitism visited upon these hapless souls, day and night, night and day, every day and every night.

And what have they done?

What was their crime you may ask?

Why being born a Jew of course, it didn’t take much. Sometimes as little as one fifth they said.

A grandparent in the past they said – then a Jew you are.

Gypsies, intellectuals, teachers, doctors, rabbis, business men, it didn’t matter.

Jewish blood in there somewhere along the genealogical line then a Jew you were, marked for “special” treatment, marked for death.

A five point yellow star sewn upon your clothing or your prison garb, a mark against you, a mark for you to destine you for extermination one way or another… in the prison camps, to be shot, gassed, tortured, experimented upon, to be hanged as a spectacle for others, to bear the shame bestowed upon them mercillously by their captors the true sub-humans here.

Ach, but why do I bother to explain or complain? It is what it is, this asylum for the insane.

Pity them all this “day of days”, until death do us part then, till we meet again.

Oh yes – we will meet again.

Until the time has come…

Until that time…

Until then…


~ by Vinnie on July 2, 2018.

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