A Private Conversation

Wait… no please, please wait…

“I have told you my son, no need to shout or cry out. I have a place reserved for you, a place of honor and…

It’s right next to me.”

Really and truly Sir?

“Oh yes, I kid you not.

There is a full banquet prepared for you and a ‘few’ others.”

But Sir you said this is to be a Private Conversation, how can it be private when it’s in front of others?

Not to fear my son.

This conversation will be carried out at the same time as I will be speaking with the ‘few’ others I mentioned, which actually number in the thousands, tens of thousands, millions in fact.”

But how Sir, how can this be even remotely called “private”?

“Indeed my son, how did the earth form and take its place nearby the sun and moon?

How did the skies fill with stars far beyond what the eye can see?

How did the plants and animals, in fact human kind itself take it’s place amongst all Creation?

Yes how Indeed?

Was it man’s doing or something greater?

Is it man who has chosen on his own to come alive and take a place but a little lower than the angels in the heavens above… was this man’s doings or mine?”

Oh Sir, I would not be so presumptuous to say that I should know this, no not at all Sir. You see, I’ve only recently arrived and it’s all new to me.

I was just wondering about it Sir, just pondering I guess you might say.

“Then let me repeat myself to be clear”;

‘Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

Has it not been told you from the beginning?

Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?’ Isaiah 40:22

“You will sit with me at this table and sup my son, yes along with a multitude of others who have chosen to believe, what their eyes have not seen but their heart and spirit have recognized.

That it is I, yes I, who formed and fashioned your bones from dust and your flesh from ashes, yes it is I who has chosen you!

So be not afraid to come along,

for when I speak to all it is as though I speak to you alone.”

My spirit awoke, my eyes fluttered open.

Surely this is but a dream this day. Surely I have stumbled and fallen and once again have gone astray.

But wait… what is this warmth that I feel in this frigid place; This sense of peace tho the battle around me yet rages?

I see the road ahead quite clearly now, it is straight and narrow and not many travel upon it.

There is a sign post ahead it says;

“Do not look to the left nor the right”, how interesting.

And another; “Press forward to the mark, towards your high calling”.

What’s to be made of this, I wonder.

There is yet another sign post up ahead, there seem to be many signs and wonders.

This one says, let me see, it says;

“I am the truth and the light” , and again; “This is the way walk ye in it”.

It’s so dark, so very dark all around, yet the road, this narrow, uphill road is well lit and my feet seem to stand firm here, not like out there to the sides, right and left where I stumbled and fell. This road is narrow and tight yes, but at least I can see. Yes, before I was like the blind but now… “I was blind yet now I see,”

I was almost lame yet now I walk, I was disheartened and sad yet now….


why now, I have been set free…!

~ by Vinnie on December 16, 2017.

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