The Hunchback

What lonely vigil must he ply

Eyes turned from the face

Aimed towards the sky

Lonely it is to don such visage

The only survivor of nature’s wrath

Upon this stretch of virgin path

Arise, arise some would say

Surely your Moment has come

On this holy day

Make way for the king,

The King of Fools rides high

Far above his kingdom

Midst the cathedral’s pyres

Crowds below shout his name you hear

It’s the hunchback alright

Turn back ye brethren,

Turn back in fear

The monster above has made it clear

Sanctuary achieved for this blessed lass

This wretched king

In his grasp she lay

To free her soul and spirit

Where her body now lay

Glory, glory hallelujah to this king

No not the King of Glory you sod

The King of Fools it is

Not the Son, The Son Of God

~ by Vinnie on December 15, 2017.

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