Alone At Night In The Dark


It’s just over that hill John, I swear I saw it clear as day…

You don’t know what you saw boy, it’s just what you think you seen has got my mind ruminating here. Why don’t you just sit back right here and give it a rest, alright?

Help me I’m dying. Help help help me…

Did you hear th-that?!





The cry continued to echo across the corridor of the otherwise peaceful valley. No way to mistake it for the cry of an animal or the blowing of the cool evening breeze. No, this was a human voice crying in the night.





Help me please, I’m dying…

Shh, quiet man. You’ll wake the dead.

Not funny John, not funny at all.

And what makes you think I’m trying to be funny boy? Something about my demeanor maybe? There is nothing funny up here son where the dead live. Nothing to laugh about for them – or for you!







Ahh, that’s nothin’ but your own mind playing tricks about you son, trying to keep your brain in gear you know.image

That’s all it is.


Take my hand if your so afraid. Go ahead, take it.



John. John. John…!

~ by Vinnie on March 16, 2016.

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