Encounter With The Beast

No no no, I shouted as The Beast came toward me with surprising quickness…



Frightened beyond words I quickly backed up and turned to face the sea.

Of course, I had to be standing at the precipice of a three hundred foot drop to the dark ocean below.



No matter, it was do or die.

Dive or die would be a more accurate statement.

So I did, dive that is, off the cliff’s high point to fall through the air at an ever increasing speed until I finally plunged through the frigid expanse of midnight and the black waters of the great Atlantic.





COLD, yes… but alive, for now at least.

Between the shock of impact and black waves of freezing waters, I reached upwards grasping for the surface air.



My thoughts came alive along with the natural instinct for survival.


Push, I thought, use your arms and legs, propel yourself out and away, away from the cliff and the…what?

Why The Beast of course!



Move out to anywhere but here!

As I faught against the cold turbulent waters, my eyes kept searching for – it. What in the world was this thing or is this thing I should say?  I’ve never seen anything like it before, not in the movies, on TV or even in my worst nightmares. IT was a truly horrible sight and an overwhelming experience for sure.

Ever so slowly I drifted closer to shore and finally was able to reach the safety of land.

Then I looked up and saw…



~ by Vinnie on March 7, 2016.

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