They Are Back!

My daughter Gioja and her semi-famous rock star husband Jared, were just returning from “doggie daycare” with M. Smij, their “baby” when…


Their truck seemed to hit a bump and veered off the road. Usually not a problem for Jared who was very accustomed to high speeds and quick get aways of all sorts. But this time things weren’t so easy.

The normally resilient four wheeler left all fours now and was riding on just two of those round circular rubber donuts and teetered on the brink of almost sure disaster – Agh! Gioja screemed, Ugh! Jared grunted and oomph M. Smij involuntarily offered to the mix of cacophonous sounds swirling about the interior of the cab.

We are going to roll over, shouted Gioja, as she gritted her gleaming white teeth, made even more startling white as the highway lights penetrated the unusually darkened atmosphere of the vehicles interior.

I’ve got it now.

Lock those doors, will you!


Arf, arf, arf went M. Smij. I know, I know, said Gioja.

Will you keep that dog quiet-please, uttered Jared. Rrrrr, from M. Smij.

Jared, the uncommonly mild mannered master at this moment was anything but calm as blood rushed through his body, permeating his brain cells and threatening to fill his very eyes it seemed, even though this was a most remote possibility.

Jared it seemed had reached his limit of endurance. After picking up M. Smij he had noticed a steady stream of shadowy creatures along the roadway leading away from the doggie daycare center and onto the dark, dirt roads beyond in the warm Colorado evening.

But wait-It can’t be he thought. There were no reports of further infestation, no trampling troops of viral retardent or resistent pestulent ridden vermin and…

No Beasties!

And yet-there they were or are or-Aghhh!

imageWhat now? Jared thought.

What now? Gioja’s thoughts echoed, and

Arf Arf? M. Smij whimpered!

More Beasties next time. Stay tuned, or else!

~ by Vinnie on August 22, 2015.

One Response to “They Are Back!”

  1. A Zombie or even a whole herd of them is no match for a ’66 Ford pickup unless they are carrying undead armadillos.

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