Slaydecker hadn’t realized he’d been followed until he turned and was confronted with his worst nightmare…


Eye to eye – so to speak!

He didn’t actually see IT behind him really, he more or less responded to the silent alarms triggered by his highly calibrated sensory nervous system. Synapses fired off urgent warnings that couldn’t be interpreted any other way, even if he wanted to or even chose to ignore them.


No one would ever accuse Slaydecker of cowardice oh no, for he was bold alright.

He immediately replaced his fear with faith, doubt with confidence and the steadfast assurance that could only come from countless battles with known and unknown enemies.

With his trusty sword in his hand, enemies at his rear and IT in front of him he cried –


and pounced!


Great Googaly Mooga!

With lightning fast moves Slaydecker parried, sliced and chopped his way to freedom and with one final thrust of his sword – WHOOSH – IT was no longer an item. In fact IT was no longer an IT nor anything else.

IT had tried to plead “bolo contender” but Slaydecker wasn’t playing that game nor was he whistling that tune. IT was down for the count, even if it was only a count of one and he was staying down. No doubt about IT.

Aiee! cried Slaydecker.

And with his victory assured, sword in his hand – Slaydecker rested and waited for his next test of valor!

~ by Vinnie on August 27, 2015.

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