A Voice From God

Her voice was absolutely angelic and would have been had we been singing in a bar and not a church…


It was the last worship song towards the end of the service and the young women was singing a slow solo, just my kind of music.
You know, these days most contemporary church services are geared to the younger crowds, teenage and young adults, as that’s where the best opportunities for new salvations lay, so I’m told.
So this song was one of the few departures from the current rock and roll Christian songs we sing that tend to move right along and sweep you up in a current of guitars, keyboard and a super energetic drummer. Very good mind you but hard on the ears if you forget to take your hearing aids out.

Woah Buddy!

As I said, this was my kind of song so as it progressed the song and her singing really began to minister to me. I was singing along with it with some difficulty as she was up in a higher octaveimage but that didn’t matter, what did matter was the tingling feeling I was getting as her voice penetrated my worldly resistance to God. See, I believe that is a good reason for the communal gatherings of a church service as it helps to break down the defensive shell one gets during the week while engaging in the continuous battle Christians face with the dominant secular world. So what happens is that like-minded and like-hearted people get together and the defensive armor is put aside and one’s heart is softened to let God in.

The pastor had earlier mentioned a young woman who in a previous service had to leave the platform as she was suffering from cancer, although you wouldn’t know it from her public demeanor. This thought was held in mind as I heard this gal’s voice catch as she was obviously overcome with emotion and “filled with the Spirit”, I would say. I’m talking about the Holy Spirit now and not some ninety proof alcohol! I noticed it because that had happened to me before so I could identify with what she was experiencing.

As the song and worship service ended, the pastor gave a final benediction and the congregation gathered up their belongings and started to leave. So did the worship group on stage and I thought, “I do need to go down and speak to this gal and tell her what a great job she did allowing God to speak through her singing and minister to all of us”. But then I thought, “nah, it’s no big deal, don’t get all bent out of shape about it” but then I saw her hurry of the platform leaving  the rest of the group behind and realized that she must be the individual the pastor mentioned and that now she needed to be ministered to, so down I went. I waited a moment by the exit doors for the stage and when she didn’t appear, went through them and found her.

She was rather tall when standing but here she was sitting on the steps that lead to the stage area and she was weeping. Head in hands with an agonizing, tearful moaning that separated this from your typical “good cry” session.

I didn’t want to alarm her and set her thinking that I was some crazed old man come down to accost her in the dark, so I quickly explained that I felt God’s leading me to her after that song and would she mind if I prayed for her, which was an offer she readily accepted… and so I did.

The prayer was simple enough asking God to reward her faithfulness with His loving-kindness, to minister to her heart and spirit. I asked her name then asked if she had a health problem or a particular challenge she was crying about and she said no. At this I realized that her bawling was not borne out of an imageailment or sickness, but was in response to a Holy God’s indwelling within her by means of the Holy Spirit.

As I knelt before her, my own heart began to melt as we briefly entered together into a union, a spiritual union with the One True God of the universe. The powerful Almighty who created the heavens and the earth and was as much alive today as He was at the beginning of time.

Oh what a moment this was as this God, our God, took us both gently into the chambers of His heart, for a brief glimpse  into the face of heaven.

~ by Vinnie on June 11, 2015.

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