Homicidal Intent






Isn’t it true Mr. Logan, that you bore an intense dislike for Ambrose Johnson, the victim in this case, that bordered on hatred, yes hatred for him and his family as well?


Isnt it also true Mr. Logan, that at least two eye witnesses have placed you at the scene of the murder, you being the last person to see Ambose Johnson alive, isn’t this true?

Well I…image

And truth be told Mr. Logan, for after all isn’t this what we seek here in this court of law, that you were the last person to see Ambose Johnson alive sir, because you are the individual responsible for ending that life, isn’t this also true?!

It was…

Thank you My Lord, I have no further questions for this, this… for this, person!

Mr. Logan, you have heard the evidence presented against you, indisputable evidence I might add presented by no less than two eyewitnesses who posses the highest character and integrity. Do you have anything further to say for yourself Mr. Logan?


Well My Lord, I don’t know really know what to say as I don’t believe it was actually I who committed the murder sir of Ambrose Johnson, no I don’t believe it was me at all. You see, as I remember it sir, I was walking down Cromwell Street in the direction of the old library when a very large sedan style automobile, sought to run me down sir. It was a big black, shiny car that carried two gentleman who seemed very keen on running me down My Lord.

Now if I recall correctly sir, it was approximately half past the hour of twelve noon, my lunch hour as it were, when in my attempt to traverse Poplar Rd. the black sedan seemed to change it’s then current course and aimed itself directly at me! Well suffice it to say sir, that this provoked no small amount of alarm in my otherwise serene state, whereas I lept from the curb upon which my one foot rested and flung myself onto the near side of the walkway. In so doing, I then saw the two men in the car, quickly exit and with pistols in their hands made ready to fire directly at me!  Knowing myself as I do, I could see no logical reason for anyone to run me down or certainly not to gun me down.

At this moment I sensed movement coming from behind me and was shocked to see the now deceased Ambrose Johnson, cowering in my shadow, as if my normally salubrious nature might protect him from this most unwelcomed attack.image

Go on Mr. Logan.

Yes My Lord. Once I realized that I was not the target of this evil duo, I flattened myself upon the ground which subsequently opened up the line of fire to Ambose Johnson and as you know he was shot repeatedly, shot dead sir.

That is quite a story Mr. Logan, quite a story indeed. Let me go as far to say that it is a tale, a fairy tale made up of lies and a sinister twisting of events, spewed upon the good people of this court that could only be conjured up by a man made mad, a madman Mr. Logan, a man such as yourself.

Has the jury reached a verdict? 

Yes your honor. Guilty.

Guilty as charged with – Homicidal Intent!



~ by Vinnie on June 21, 2015.

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