Veggie Tale Zombies Attack France

Sooner or later it was bound to happen…

It’s just that no one thought it would be this soon.

We as Americans were finally getting used to the Apocolypse visited upon us by the Zombie Beasties, if one could actually get used to such a thing.


I for one had my fill of such strange occurrences when the last Giant Crazed Tarantula came through, reeking havoc and mayhem across our fair land.





I also thought that Spider-Man because of him being part of that extended family of theirs, oh the web they weave, at any rate, I mean even Spider-Man couldn’t stop the Beasties.



What now, what now.


First it’s us in the U. S. A., then





Aren’t there any good and honorable Veggies out there at all?


We will see, we will see.

image image


~ by Vinnie on March 28, 2015.

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