Barking At The Wind

She is about sixteen years old now so…

I guess you could say she isn’t  just getting old she is plain old.

Funny how that strikes you, how it may actually mirror your own life, you know.

I always love to watch her lying in the sun like she does. She would usually know what was best for herself and go about the business of meeting her needs, right on her own. Kind of like, ” nope, I don’t need any help, thank you very much. ”

Yes, she always has been the independent sort, is what I’m trying to say. Cute too in a basic Chahuahua  kind of way. Like a novice belly dancer trying to make a name for herself.

Now where did that come from? Must have been from days gone by, yessir, there’s a little water passed under this bridge, if you know what I mean.

I was going to include some pictures of her but thought better of it, not wanting to get too sentimental and all. What’s that you say? You would like some photos? Well alright then, here you go…

image image image image image image

And again…


Just assuming a position of natural repose. Her most favorite position I might add.

Yessir, she has been one good puppy alright, in many ways my best friend. Not in all ways, mind you but pretty close.

The title says, “Barking At The Wind” and you may be wondering why that is?  Well, that is what this dog does when she wants to assert herself, you know, to let everyone know what a Big Dog she is, bless her heart. She will take a German Shepard like stance, hold her head up, charge like she means  business and bark away.

No fear! Almost.

At any rate, I love that dog and sure hope you have, or your kids have, one that you love too.



~ by Vinnie on March 29, 2015.

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