Veggie-Tales Beastie Vegelanti

It was bound to happen sooner or later…

Zombie Farming   imageWhen Milo Durkins started in his career as a sherriff’s deputy, he had no idea it would lead to his being in the top spot as the elected county sherriff.

Now some thirty odd years later thaimaget’s just what happened. His wife and family sure were proud of him too until, well until the day he went soft on Zombies. That’s right folks, old Milo went plum off his rocker by supporting far out causes like, Zombies Have Rights, and Zombies Have Feelings Too. This was just too much for local farmers and too darn much for local crops as well.

That’s when the very first Vegelanti came on the scene.






Why there were actually farmers dressing up and disguising themselves as Zombies, to try and infiltrate their ranks, don’t you know. Then we even discovered some Zombie critters trying to do the very opposite, that is, dressing like normal people and pretending they was farmers no less!

Boy oh boy, what a mess that was.





By golly, we even had some forward thinking ladies forming up women’s rights groups specializing in anti Zombie Vegelantarianism! What do you think of that one, huh?





By this time the durn local sherriff’s office is making appeals to the public, by way of local and national press conferences mind you, to stop all Vegelanti activities and leave this Apocolypse fighting to the professionals.image





Well, there you have it folks. It ain’t pretty but it’s the truth.

~ by Vinnie on March 28, 2015.

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