An All American Zombie Tale

As we all know one should begin the day with a healthy breakfast…


This morning we have the opportunity to witness first hand how a Zombie family gets a jump on the day.



Even for Zombies it’s important to eat right and get plenty of exercise.

Of course their diet is quite different from ours I mean, who wants to sit down to a dish of freshly chewed brains of all things.


And who knows what on earth their fluid requirements are? I know, don’t ask don’t tell. Zombies have rights too? I don’t think so!

One can can readily see just how Zombies have been able to achieve such a great apocalypse as we are now experiencing, the enormity of which we are just beginning to realize. Seen from a distance one can almost sense a degree of compassion for the Beasties. Almost I say, but not quite!


In some ways Zombie families can be similar to our own but not in certain crucial areas such as reproduction.

Thank God!

~ by Vinnie on March 26, 2015.

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