Zombie Vegi – Tales

An attack was imminent…


Why no one had thought to prevent an attack or at least to prepare a proper defense against one well, that is the question isn’t it?

We had elected officials of course, and none were as addled or pea brained as Lowell Cartwright, imagethe self proclaimed Grand High Exultant Mystic Ruler, Lowell The Magnificent!

He always described himself as an individualist, not just another pea in a pod.



So much for his thinking outside the box.

This day would see us all held up to the mindless Beasties.




This day the chaff shall be separated from the wheat as we are drawn up to meet

the Thresher, each in our own personal way.




Let the Beasties come if they will, as we shall not go as easily as one might think.

We have Corn to stand tall, Tomatoes to smash in their ugly faces, and Zuchinnie to bash them over their infertile brainless heads with.

Vegi -Tales unite for the common good – a Zombie -Free, Vegi – Zone! UNITE and FIGHT!






~ by Vinnie on March 24, 2015.

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