With A Crazed Tarantula Who Needs Zombies!

This was not a good sign…

A spider was one thing but having a crazed Tarantula sneak up on you while you are lying on your back taking in the sun. Well that’s something else altogether my friend, you betcha!image

It started out innocently enough with Mary wanting to do some rock climbing and her boyfriend Jared kind of showing her the ropes. Pardon my pun.


Me, why I was content just to tag along and enjoy the hike. You know, city boy out in the wilds of the desert and all. So, that’s what I set out to do irrespective of what my friends were up to.

It was a glorious day, sun shining, blue sky, wispy clouds floating by. Everything a kid from the city could want in a casual stroll though the desert, right?



No sooner had Mary and Jared scooted up the side of that rock, (by the way, you want to talk about crazy), than I found my self face to face or mandible or whatever, with this thing.

It was ugly and SCARY!

Maybe, just maybe you can begin to imagine how I felt. Well, maybe not. Anyway, once this, this thing got up in my face I just about sh… uh, crap… you know, soiled myself. C’mon Ma, gimme a break here! Anyway, I was determined not to let this thing just swoop me up, sting me or whatever they do, then eat me there and then.

Look, I managed to escape the clutches of numerous Beasties over the past several months so why shouldn’t I be able to get away from Mr. or Mrs. Ugly here, right?


Cause, here it was bigger than life itself just hoarding it all over me.


This dude was big, big and getting bigger. I immediately started running instinctively heading for the road were our cars were. I went looking for other people, even got back to town to rustle up the sherrif and all, but…


Well, with all of that running and being chased by this super huge spider, wouldn’t you know what I ran into?



You got it.  BEASTIES!!!


~ by Vinnie on March 26, 2015.

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