The Orangutan That Wouldn’t Quit

Deep in the heart of African jungles so thick with trees, strange and exotic shrubbery and foliage, lies the site of an ancient city. A city of the past with no past. A city once teeming with people and activity yet, today lies quiet and empty, no people, no sounds, not a single sign of life EXCEPT, except for the lone Orangutan. The Orangutan that just would not quit!orangutan

The memories that our new friend has managed to conjure up begin with his early childhood days. He can remember his mother calling to him from her tree top perch, “Lance, oh Lance, time for supper.”

Lance, we will call him Lance because that’s what his name is so, Lance hurtled himself from tree limb to tree limb with more grace than the best trapeze artists of the world and he was only three months old. He reached the ground and bounded from a boulder to a huge felled tree that fell, now emboldened by the boulder he bounded he went out to forge a small river , with whatever you forge them with and finally, yes finally, arrived home.  

“Please wash your hands and your feet before dinner dear. Remember what our once great leader said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and who wouldn’t want to be next to God, right?”

Momma & Baby

“Right, Momma.”, our young hero mimed.

That was his last pleasant memory of his mother. In fact, other than “the end”, it was his last memory at all, for it was at this time that a great plague of locusts swept through the tree top village of the peaceful, supper driven Orangutan, and all life of the hidden jungle were suddenly removed. Gone. No more. Nada. Nothing doing. History uh, of no history.


Which brings us back to today.Lance was a mere infant Orangutan at the time.Just three months old, a child. He had fallen from his special “high branch” in the tree his mother used much like a humanoid baby’s high chair, anyway, he fell out of the tree,hit his head on the very same boulder he had previously bounded  and was knocked unconscious!

Poor, poor Lance.  Now the only creature left alive in a twenty mile radius but being unconscious he didn’t even know he even existed.


Well, you’ll just have to watch the next episode of “Kunar of The Jungle”, to find out what happens to our young hero.

Now remember kids until next time, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite and… tell your parents to send as much money as they can to: “Kunar of The Jungle”, the only wild life preservation fund that’s in the city. Who’s city? That’s right-your city!   



~ by Vinnie on June 11, 2014.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha! My namesake? What an honor!


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