Monday Morning


Monday Morning approaches then sets in like an embalmers cloud of steaming formaldehyde. Only a few hardy souls still lurk about, denizens of the evening, occupiers of space and time that no common, logical, or thinking person would choose for an evening about town.


“Step right up, step right up”, says the Midnight Clown, known for it’s hollow, solemn humour. 


The night is young, the war is won, he whispers into the ears of the weary soldiers. Tell them what they want to hear is what The Father Of Lies always told him, The Midnight Clown.The war is won, the war is won, time to let down your guard, it’s time for fun. Oh yes,this is exactly what the weary ones long to hear, no more battles, no more fear. Take me home, away from here, among family and friends and long lost cheer. Not for long I promise if that’s what you want, choose all or one just wait no longer,for I grow weaker and my enemy stronger.

I thought to myself, this sounds reasonable, the clown will surely find it beneficial all around to set us free. I mean, after all, what can it gain by keeping us any longer. Our strength is gone, our will is defeated, it’s time to move on, start anew, greet the day and all of that, but this line of logic does not seem to move the clown, him or her or it!

Well just forget it, I for one am moving out!

Back up my friend cause here I come, out of my way this time it’s done.

Well, maybe not just yet.



~ by Vinnie on June 21, 2014.

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