The Forest’s Echos

The Light

The Light

There was a time when the forest was enchanted. It held a mysterious ethereal sense to it almost like a power that resided only here. This aura of enchantment was neither good nor evil it seemed, as one could walk through the forest and no evil would befall him, nor would any other thing of a spectacular nature take place in any way affecting the passerby. That’s what made this day so much more unusual, so unique, so special.

As the young boy continued on his journey, feeling neither fearful nor joyful, the light above him began to shine. He hadn’t even noticed the light until now as it was growing brighter and brighter. It grew with such intensity that the boy had to shade his eyes. Then he reached behind and lifted his hood over his head attempting to block out the bright light. It wasn’t that the light emanated heat or any burning, it was just the brilliance of the powerful light that continued to deepen and widen in scope to finally envelop the young boy.

Strange as it was, there had been no fear in the boy’s heart but now an inexplicable sense of goodness, almost a sure and certain benevolence like one experiences from a loving mother’s touch or a caring father’s kind words. This  sense of well-being  permeated the boys persona, his flesh and bones, his heart and soul. It caressed his mind with a wooing sensation that brought about a feeling one might imagine that enjoins ones spirit to another, in the union of marriage but oh, so much, much more than that. It was a glorious perception as one who has been on a terribly long journey to a distant, far off  land and has finally returned home!  Home from the constant pain of battle, home from the hell of war.



The young boy found himself quite carried away with the peace and joy that encompassed him now and realized he was almost willing himself to be taken up to the brilliant light. Then slowly, he could feel it beginning to loosen its tender grip on him and  relinquish its powerful hold.


Soon, the young boy was sitting in the path cut through the forest and pondered this most overwhelming experience with… with… the Divine.  He would have to think about this in greater detail for surely this day held  some deep meaning for him. 

Yes, he would have to think about it more, much more.  

~ by Vinnie on July 25, 2009.

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  2. Hi Al; Just saw this. Yes, I write the stories and pull most of the photos from the Internet. This is why I would like your honest feedback if you feel inclined to do so.


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