The Pidgeon Toed Warthog

It seemed to Trevor that his toes were different from all of  the other Warthogs in the neighborhood. All of his friends,



 both guys and gals had regular Warthog toes just like everybody else. Why, even his mom and dad, brothers and sister’s, his whole family for crying out loud, they all had toes that were different then his; or was it that his toes were different from theirs. Oh-what does it matter, Trevor, it was Trevor who was different from everyone else. Which made him sad. Which made him cry. Which made him even more lonely than before.

Still, life must go on, they say and young Trevor Warthog took his lunch bag his momma, Bethula Hog, had made for him and off to school he went. He saw a number of his friends walking on the way to school, these were truly friends because they would never bring up the fact that Trevor was the only know Warthog in existence with Pidgeon Toes. They accepted him for who he was, toes and all, especially Walinda Hogin. That there was one pretty good looking hog, warts and all! She made Trevors little warty heart go-thunk-thunk-thunk.

Invariably, as Trevor and Walinda  almost at the school, who should come roaring by but, the infamous Rabid Roadrunners, a wild warthog  motorcycle  gang riding circles around Trevor and Walinda.  Finally they revved their roaring Harley Hogs and blew past them to the school leaving the young couple in a cloud of dust.

Poor Trevor didn’t know what to do as he was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing so, he walked Walinda to class and set about to think. Trevor would come up with a plan. He just had to do something, just had to.   

~ by Vinnie on July 25, 2009.

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