The Black Balloon

  A story once told to me some years ago about a man selling helium balloons on a street corner in the city. He would fill up a blue balloon with helium and let it go. This would attract some people who would then buy balloons. Then he would fill up a white balloon and let it go. Then it was a red balloon he filled and let go.He felt a tug at his shirt sleeve and saw that it was a little black boy who said: “Mr., Mr.”.                                 

   “Yes”, said the man.

“If you let go a black balloon, would it go up?”

And with the wisdom that belied his profession of selling balloons, the man said:

“Son, it’s not the color of the balloon that matters, it’s what’s inside the balloon that makes it go up.”    

A Black Balloon

A Black Balloon

The Balloon Man

~ by Vinnie on July 26, 2009.

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