Friends-Romanians and Country People — Lend Me Your Hand


 Hey, hey ! Lend me me a hand here will you.

The Last Grasp

The Last Grasp

 This guy is stuck.He’s gonna’ die unless we get him out of there.

“So what” ?  What do you mean, “so what”. He’s stuck. We have to get him out of there.

 What? You don’t care?  What?  It’s not your problem?  Well, suppose it were you stuck down there, sand over your entire head and everything, only one hand sticking out. Suppose that was you?

 “So what”, you say?

 I can’t believe this. Well I am going to dig this guy out right now. Hand me that shovel.

 So what, I’ll show you so what.

Dig, dig, dig, dig… Oh my God… there is nothing else there, just this hand.

Say again, I didn’t hear you. “So what “?

 Yeah, I guess.  So What.

~ by Vinnie on July 19, 2009.

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