Island Tremors

 Murmuring sounds could be heard by the early risers sharing the habitual rituals of mornings call. This day starting out pretty much like any other day the island people knew until…
The Wrath of Ra

The Wrath of Ra


Bu.Kantan giving way to another tepid day to the inhabitants of grudginly Bu. Powerful rays from the rising sun pierced the thick vapor-like canopy enveloping the land. The morning mist was quickly burning off Kantana and a heavy layer of dew sat upon the rocks, both large and small. The vegetation in the jungle island of Kantana was heavier still.

” Did you feel that ” Pano said.

“What, I didn’t feel anything father”.

“There, there it goes again Sienja and I can hear something along with the, the rumbling?” Said Jano, a bit of worry to his voice.

“But Papa”, Sienja began, “I still haven’t felt anything nor heard a sound other than the usual sounds of the morning. See, our neighbors rise and prepare themselves for morning. Akla, the father of my friend Yono, you know them, they have already started the fire for celebration to our mountain Gods. They are not hesitant about…”

“Shhh, quiet Sienja. Wake your mother and sister. Go, quickly”. Pano had been here before. He knew what the sound was as well as the rumbling feeling below his feet. He knew that something was wrong this morning, something terribly wrong and not typical at all.

Moseiko, Pano’s wife and his daughter Iggla arrived.

“Pano, Pano, what is it?” Said Mosieka with a tightness to her voice.

“The time has come” said Pano. Make haste in gathering bundles we have prepared for the “Transition”.

“Are we going to the high grounds Pano?”

“No, no Mosieko, we perish there for sure. We must descend to the rocks that reach out to the sea. Only then may wescape the wrath of the great mountain God, “Ra”.”

“Papa, please. What of our friends and my goat? I want to get them, please”.

“No-there is no time. We go-now!”

So, Pano and his family set off with their meager supplies as the rumblings and sounds continued to grow with intensity. As the small group found their way to the outcropping of rocks into the great sea, the great mountain God, “Ra”, began to spew forth huge stones and rocks that had melted from it’s sun like heat to form a river of fire.

“Father-the poison from the mountain is reaching the village and all will be lost”. This from poor Iggla.

“No. We must do what we can to save ourselves for there is no appeasement to offer the great “Ra” this day”.

They reached the sea and onto the rocks of safety, and there, they wept.

Ra - Alive

~ by Vinnie on July 14, 2009.

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