The Case Of The Cagey Kangaroo


The Cagey Kangaroo (and baby)

The Cagey Kangaroo (and baby)

Mr.Bertrand Badger
Mr.Bertrand Badger





 He hit him with a left hook, a right upper cut to the jaw and now a smashing round house to the head and he’s down-he is down. The Cagey Kangaroo is down!

“Holy Koala Bear”, who would have believed that this upstart Badger could come up with a performance like this. His first night out of  the woods and in the ring with none other than the constantly kicking, quickly covering, conniving corner-er, keeper of the crown, The Cagey Kangaroo himself. Mr. Bertrand Badger is literally beside himself as he waits for Connie Crocodile, our referee tonight, to finish the final count and your out for The C.K. image

Oh, but wait a minute here, it looks like, it is. The Cagey Kangaroo is using the tremendous power in his tail that he is so well known for and he is rising to his feet and… he is up, yes he is up and coming back now with a left right, left right and a spectacular reverse uppercut to the top of young Bertrand Badgers head and… Oh my, I can’t believe it. C.K has stuffed his opponents head in his built in pouch and continues to pummel Mr. Badger, and now he’s down.

imageMr. Badger is down . Connie Crocodile has been counting and it’s… 8-9-10, and it’s over, it’s finally over.

 Mr. Bertrand Badger has put in a tremendous performance tonight but just could night overcome the experience of the Animal Kingdom World Boxing Champion,the one and only,The Cagey Kangaroo!!!!


We will be right back to hear more about the fight with our commentator and  “Prince of Pugilism”, Mr.Night Hawk. Keep your pads and paws from that dial now, you hear?

~ by Vinnie on July 19, 2009.

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