Thinking It’s Past



 The thoughts we think, the echos of times gone by. It’s easy to dwell on the past be it memories of joy and happiness or the images of dissapointment and sadness. It’s said by some that the brain retains all the living we have done, recorded just like a tape or these days, a DVD.  Recalling those moments actually “puts you back” in the experience, feeling wise and it’s just as though you were there and it was happening all over again. You can relive a harrowing situation, feel your pulse increase, blood pressure rise, palms start to sweat even though your body is shivering. You start shaking with fear, turn to run down the street. Thoughts onlyof getting away now, get away at all costs. Name rank and serial number, name, rank and serial number. “I don’t know where they are.I don’t know where they are going. I don’t know I tell you. I don’t know how many and don’t know about those missiles you keep talking about. I-don’t-know…….”Johnny, Johnny. Come on now,it’s okay.Your with friends. We got you back Johnny. Johnny, it’s okay.

 That’s enough for now Lieutenant. He needs to get some rest, I mean, you can certainly see that man has apparantly been to hell and back. Well, barely back anyway. Come back tomorrow. Maybe he will be better. Yeah Doc.thanks but, the trouble is there may be no tomorrow. No, not the way this war is going, no tomorrow. Not now, not ever.  

~ by Vinnie on June 18, 2009.

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