Why Not




Gang Wars
Gang Wars

Why not? I’ve gone out there before at this time. So what it’s dark out. Who cares if it’s a week day. Aw, c’mon, it’s not that late. Everybody’s going to be there. Who’s everybody? Everybody, you know, Sal, Frankie, The Oz, Big Head, Spongy, Willie, Vinnie, Charlie The Blade, Al Spenze, …. who else!?  Well, Little Louie, Pear Head, Marucci, Longo, Liantonio, Angelo, Carrara, Chiasulo, Masino,… do I really need to go on? Oh yeah, and Macaluso’s kid too. Everybody. What, more? Right. Desimone, Cocuzza, Laciatta, Potuto, Digilio, Sansone, Salerno, OK? Is that enough. No, no girls. Italian? What kind of stunada are you, they are all Italian. Wait, wait a minute, there’s Billy, Billy Ceramane. Well yeah, that’s Italian but his mother’s Irish. Ok, ok, Sharon Cahn. She, she is a girl and… she is Jewish! So, there you go. Can I leave now? Drugs? No drugs. Guns? No,no guns! Alcohol? Of course, wine and beer. OK, good. Before twelve? No. I know it’s a weeknight. Walking? No, I’m getting a ride. Who? Vinnie. The other Vinnie, Santaniello. OK, finally.

Ooh, Madonna!

 See you later.

Joey, go wake your brother up for school or you are both going to be late.    Ma, I told you, Joey’s not in his bed.

Reports came in that  early this morning, 2 – 3 am, there were gunshots heard at what’s know as “the little park” on Halstead Street in Newark. Two teenagers are known dead but their names are being withheld until the families are notified.

~ by Vinnie on June 18, 2009.

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