The Untitled Wave

the untitled wave

the untitled wave



Earl: Big.That’s the only way I can describe it as big. Pete:  Can you tell us how high it is, you know, how tall?  Earl: It’s high and tall, really tall. Pete: Okay… Can you tell us how thick it is, you know, how deep? Earl: It’s The Untitled Wavethick man, and deep, really deep. Pete: Right. Okay, can you tell us what color it is, you know is it bright and clear or like black and dark? Earl: It’s black and dark, and light, really dark and really light. Pete: Okay, okay, okay. Now listen up Earl because this is really important, okay. Earl: Listen up, right, it’s really important,okay man. Pete: How close is it to us Earl, just how close?  Earl: Well, it’s really close man, I mean really close. Pete: C’mon Earl. How close is it, Earl, how close? Earl: It’s so close Pete, I mean so close that if you open your eyes just a bit it will begin to touch the retina of your pretty blue eye balls Pete, that’s exactly how close… Pete!         








~ by Vinnie on June 19, 2009.

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