Winter Calls

It’s a cold night as usual this time of year… 
Winter Calls

Winter CallsIt’s a cold night, as usual this time of year.

The mountains cause it to feel even colder with the stark landscape and rugged hillsides making up the front range. The confluence of  air through wind streams coming from different directions making it even colder and more turbulent. Better have the “heavies” on tonight. Funny how we still call warm outdoor clothing “heavies” when really they are made out of super light and warm material like “thinsulate” and so on.

Anyway, tonight is a unique night in that it’s the night I’ve made the final decision. It’s as bleak as the night is cold but, this time there are no doubts. No, no doubts what so ever. What with Mary gone and the twins coming down with the “sickness”, well, there is just no reason, actually no way to keep going. So, there you have it, no purpose, no will, no desire. No means, no method, no way!  A night like tonight kind of makes it easy in a way. Well, not really easy, simple maybe, that’s a better term.

It’s so darn cold out here and with the wind chill we are looking at maybe 20 below, zero that is. Now that’s cold. A person wouldn’t last very long exposed to these conditions even with the best outfit on much less if that same person was stupid enough to start stripping off all of that protective gear. Probably never make it down to the bare essentials if you know what I mean.

Well, I do think it’s time now, I do think it’s time.  I’ll just sit down right here in this little lean to sort of on these rocks. There, that’s not so bad especially with how tired I am, so tired. Can hardly feel the roughness of these rocks. Kind of like my own easy chair. Think I’ll just watch this beautiful night sky here. You can really see the awesomeness of the constellations and even the fringes of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Yes, this will make a nice way to go out, especially since I’m so tired. It’s like watching a T.V. show about the heavens.  I’ll just sit here for a while and watch. Just kind of rest my head back, look up and… and maybe look up and take a snooze. Yeah, the Milky Way and the stars. Nice, really nice.

I wonder if  Mary is up there and… the uh, twins, and the… I wonder if… if…if the…

~ by Vinnie on June 16, 2009.

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