Echos Of Time




No one seems to have enough time anymore. But I don’t get what that really means. Seems to me that we all have about the same amount of time each day,that is exactly the same amount of time, nothing “seeming” about it. Is that a word-seeming? well, anyway, there are 24 hours in each day. One hour = 60 seconds, which = 1440 seconds in a day. Wait, let me check that again just to be sure. Let’s see, 60 sec. @ 24 hrs. =  1440 sec. or, 60 sec. @ 12 hrs. @ 2 = 1440. Yep,same thing. Ok then, 1440 sec. in one day @ 365 days in any given year =  525,600 sec. !  That’s an awful lot of seconds, sounds like it anyway. And we are not even beginning to talk about split seconds or nano seconds or stuff like that. You know, real scientific stuff. Well, anyway, wait a minute. Let’s figure how many seconds in a typical life span and we won’t mess with man vs woman, any difference there you know. Let’s say 75 years. So, simply then it’s 75 years @ 525,600 sec. =  39,420,000. That’s 39 million 420 thousand seconds, now we are talking about a lot of time, a whole lot of time. What do people do with all that time.I mean, it seems like we never have enough time yet that there is a whole lot of time and the funny thing is once a day goes by, once those hours and seconds pass, that’s it,they are gone. No saving them up, no carrying them over like some cellular phone companies unused minutes. No carry forwards like an accountant and the IRS can do with your taxes some times. Some times, get it? No specific gain like interest paid for unused time nor any penalty for them either. Just time gone by. “Hey Jon, what are you doing today”. Aw, just killing some time till my wife gets home from work”. Wow, killing time-Pow!  Or, “Hey Jezell, what are you doing today”? Aw, I don’t know, just wasting time watching T.V.”. Or, ” just passing time, or, just watching as time goes by or, I’m just taking my time, running out of time, I was just in time, I’ll get to it in time, it’s about time, I’ll see you some time, not this time, it’s time to begin, it’s time to end, you’re running out of time, those were the good times, time is money, time flies, for every season there is a time. We could go on forever and ever until we run out of time.


You know, I wonder if you stood up in some high mountains some where, like where you see those guys yodeling and then they listen for their echo. I wonder if you could do the same thing with time? I bet you could! Like stand there and shout; time, time, time, over and over again. Would that echo increase the actual amount of time you have? Or how about if you held up a sign with the word time painted on it and stood between two full length mirrors, you know, so you go on seeing yourself and the word time, over and over and over again.  Man, I bet you that would work! I’m going to do it.I’m going to corner the market on time. I’ll have so much time on my hands, heh, heh, then I can sell it and make a fortune. I’ll be rich, man, rich !   I’m going to get started right away.

Rats. Today, I just don’t have the time.

~ by Vinnie on June 15, 2009.

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