Tony Two Toes

Sometime Early That Morning
 So Angie, why do they call himTony Two Toes?  
Angie said, “Ain’t it obvious “shit for brains”, he only has two toes, one on each foot”. 
SFB; Well, okay but how in heck did that happen? 
Angie; ” It was about five years ago when Tony was ‘performing a material function’ for Don Mozzerella.
SFB; What the heck does that mean, “a material function” ? 
Angie; “Oh, Madonna, It means he was whackin’ some guy for the boss, you stunad.” 
SFB; Oh, Oh, okay, I get it.
Angie; ” You get it, you get it. You better get it soon or YOUR gonna get it, ya know what I mean ?  You got it”? 
SFB; Yeah, I got it Angie, I got it“]Tony TwoToes - Fat Angie & Company

Sometime Later In The Day…

Inevitably, all good things must come to an end, even amongst such congenial fellows like SFB and Angie.

Without much happening within the walls of their “exclusive” Italian American club, coffee house,and basically sleazy small time hoodlum hangout, they awaited for orders “from above”, without an ounce of anticipation nor eagerness, to move on to the next blessedly, sanctioned job.  

And so, SFB and Angie set about waiting, waiting and more… waiting, just hoping they won’t get whacked while they waited…

~ by Vinnie on June 17, 2009.

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