A Divine Death



What’s happening here Sargent? Where did Newberg go?

I don’t know Cap.. That’s what we are trying to figure out. He was here just a minute ago and then “poof”, it’s as though he just vanished into thin air.

Thin air, thick air, I don’t care what kind of air, we have to find that guy soldier.

Yes Sir!

Find him, how am I going to find him, I don’t even know where I am much less Newburg. Man, this is really strange.  Well, let’s have a look here over this hill. OK, you guy’s keep looking on this side of the ridge here and along that small ravine. I’m going up over that hill there to see what I can see.

You got it Sarge.

 Boy, this hill is a lot steeper than it looked.

It had been over ten minutes since the Sarge started his climb and still wasn’t near the top so he kept climbing.

Finally after twenty five minute he stopped, still nowhere near the top. He looked behind him from where he had come and couldn’t see his men. soldier-S-mineAs a matter of fact, he couldn’t see much of anything. It was just like a bland nothingness behind him and there was no longer any “down” to it. It was like a flat plain behind him or a plain flatness for a little humor. The Sarge was beginning to think that this situation was bizarre, very bizarre indeed. Their small group of ten men were on a seek and destroy mission, one of dozens he had been on. They had traded small arms fire with the enemy for perhaps fifteen minutes or so when they heard what seemed like a super loud collective scream from the enemies position, as though they had all been hit at the same time and were screaming in pain-together. But this was more than a scream or screams of pain, it was like a single unified cry of anguish. Yeah, anguish. That was different from pain. It was like a release from a tormented soul. Weird. Unsettling. Scary.

Suddenly, the Sarge broke out of his quasi  reverie and realized he had reached the top, the peak. Looking behind him he saw what he saw before, a muted flatness of well,  basically nothing. Thinking now surely as I pull myself over the top I’ll see where I’m at, the Captain, the rest of my buddies and perhaps even Newburg. Yeah, Newburg. That’s how this all got started anyway.

So over the top the Sarge did go and was confronted with…. nothing. Nothing!?  Nothing except a muted flatness, a flat plain of nothingness. He looked behind, it was the same. He turned in a 360 degree circle. The same. 

The Sarge just stood there and stood there. He found that he could move in any direction  no more than one foot. That was it. He didn’t bump into anything like a see through wall, he wasn’t restrained, it didn’t hurt and he couldn’t see anything more than just this flat plain of nothingness in every direction. Even if there was a direction. The Sarge was scared now. More frightened than he had ever been in his entire life. Then his whole body seemed to feel constrained like he had on a tight fitting women’s girdle around his whole body, except his head. Everything seemed to turn a bright shining white. The Sarge shook.doctors and patients

Gentlemen, and Ladies, I would like you to notice how the subject sporadically yet slowly, continues to turn around sometimes one way, sometimes another, and at other times all the way around in a full circle. He seems to be searching for something and can’t find it. It appears as though his vision is set for spotting off in a long distance but keeps being drawn back to just a mere foot in front of himself. As we commented before, for a major part of his experience, he was pumping his legs if you will, as though he were climbing a relatively benign hill or scaling a small mountainside. It was also apparent that when the subject believed  he had reached the top of this hill he just stopped, stopped and looked around. That was when he began to shake not violently mind you but a constant shake as though he had reached a conclusion, more like a state of mind and being that there was no where to go, no way out of wherever he was and whatever he was. A final state of psychotic shock in which he may remain forever. Repeating and replaying this same experience, exactly, possibly forever.

The bright lights and the bland beige walls are an attempt to moderate his surrounding visual A Divine Deathcondition. The straight jacket or restraining girdle as we now call it, is used obviously for protection and his own safety. 

My dear friends and associates it is a sad state of affairs but, the subject we have come to call The Sarge, due to some of his ramblings, will probably remain here, like this, forever.         

~ by Vinnie on June 11, 2009.

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