Time Is On Our Side


Earth Time

Earth Time

Gee-who said? First one has to look at a couple of concepts and maybe some definitions that we are working with.

Time. Whether  there or here or wherever is some kind of concept – Time. You can’t see it or feel it.
We think we have a way to measure it but even that has changed dramatically over time, so to speak, and even to day with all of the current time zones over the continents and seas, even day light savings time, which you may notice is another idea conceived by man.
Now, to give equal “Time” to the other “Side”, let’s discuss that concept. Just a little, okay?

When we say Side, are we talking about a physical point of reference as in a place; or more specifically “Our Side”, meaning again physically next to us; Or is it a conceptual “Side” , as in an idea,or perhaps a belief.

Well, who can really tell which Side one should be on.

I guess only Time will tell.






~ by Vinnie on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “Time Is On Our Side”

  1. I like that… It’s very deep!! Awesome…



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