Sermon On The “Fount”

John The Hadit

John The Hadit

 One day in the year of nineteen hundred and sixty seven, there was social rioting in the city of Newark, New Jersey. A holy man who just had  it with the disruptive melee’, rose up to attempt to quel the violence that set upon this formely quiet and peaceful hamlet. He climbed upon a statue of Sir Bertrand Russell, the famous British Philosopher so that he might be better seen and heard. In the midst of the watery fountain spray, John The Hadit began to speak: 

 Happy are they who seek happiness for the happiness that they sought shall surely be found.

Happy are those who’s happiness knows no bounds for their happiness will be boundless.

Happy are the one’s who speak of happiness for their happiness will be spoken by others.

And finally:

Happy are those who truly find happiness and it will be about time that they did, so John The Hadit could finally get out from under the downpour of the statue for he was most unhappily wet.

John The Hadit

Happy are they that are happy for they surely will find happiness.

~ by Vinnie on June 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sermon On The “Fount””

  1. Is Russell really American? I thought he was British


    • You are correct. Just taking a little literary license. Think I should change it?


    • You know, I think I just blew it because I called him Sir Bertrand and actually did think about it while re-reading it. Decided to forget it. It’s early here in Florida and I’m still kind of tired but… I am going to change it. Thanks Davis. Vinnie


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