The Spider and Joshua Parmenter

Joshua Parmenter was a carpenter who hammered and nailed all day.

Along came a spider who hid by a miter trying to stay away. Joshua Parmenter had spotted the spider to the spiders great dismay ! Now let’s make it clear to all that can hear by “spotted” just what we mean.

small red-dot-splat-md

The spindly legs of the spider you see were not spotted nor strip-ped no, they were very, very clean.

Well matter it not be it clean or a spot, the spider was headed for trouble no doubt.

a spider

When Joshua Parmenter raised up his big hammer the spider let out a great shout!

His fate it was sealed when the hammer revealed the spider was tumbled about.

The spider this day he did run away and crawled back to his safe water spout.

The End

Credits; Mr. Spider – The Spider – Earl Wigglesbottom

Joshua Parmenter Production Studios Pair A Mount

Directed By – Hair E. Legs – Grip – Joe Levy, Burt Weidemier, Oral Lashing and Tom Martin

All rights deserved by the reserves of the U.S. Coastguard for the sole purpose of all of the above.

This has been a Dizzy Non-Conforming, Non-Media Presentation

a spider 2

~ by Vinnie on April 8, 2009.

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