Body Parts 1

What do you think he’s doing with her? How should I know. I can’t see any better than you. Yeah but, wait a minute, wait just a minute, Josh. He’s, he’s sawing. Is that a saw he… It sure is. That’s a damn saw he’s using to c,c,c,cut her arm off! You got that right Joey. Oh my God. I can’t believe this. Josh, she may still be alive. I think I see her moving some. Or maybe that’s just her reflexes, you know. We gotta do something Josh. Run for the cops or something.  Oh no, we don’t have to do nothing . My dad always told me to never get involved and never ever go to the cops. They start asking you questions, like what happened and all, ten differant ways for ten freekin hours and the next thing you know it’s you their saying cut off some doods head. Yeah, well Josh my boy. If you do look now that just what this maniac is doing, cutting that ladies head off! I’m out of here. Hey w,w, wait for me.

~ by Vinnie on April 8, 2009.

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