The Menu – Part 1

Starters: Fresca Caprese  Fresh Mozzarella tomato, basil, olive oil

Calamari Fritti  fried squid

Hot Carozza  breaded fried mozzarella marinara sauce

Gamberi  jumbo shrimp scallops grilled lemon garlic butter on grilled baguette

Crostini paper thin Parma Prosciutto mozzarella toasted peasant bread


Giardino house salad  mixed greens tomato calamata olives Italian dressing parmegiano

Fratelli  rollatini meats over mixed greens calamata olives tomato parmesian reggiano

Ceasar salad  Cesare  add grilled chicken $4 add grilled shrimp $5

Ricotta Salata  romaine cubed ricotta balsamiv vinegrette walnuts parmesian

Insalata Calamari  sauteed calamari EVOO garlic oregano herbs mixed greens

Hot Verdura     Vegetables   sauteed broccoli artichokes mushrooms tomato chunks  mixed greens

Zuppe    Ask


Rigatoni Vodka   rigatoni pasta creamy light pink vodka reduced sauce

Cheese Ravioli   ricotta cheese ravioli pesto cream sauce

Rigatoni Salsiccia  sausage green peppars onions red sauce white wine

Penne Di Sole   gorgonzola cheese cream sauce grilled chiken sun dried tomatoes

Zia Maria’s Manicotti  crepe shell pasta with ricotta  dad’s sisters recipe

Gnocci Bolognese  homemade potato and ricotta dumpling’s meat sauce

Penne Quattro Formaggi    4 cheeses  fontina parmesiana gorgonzola mozzarella

Spaghetti Frutta Di Mare   shrimp  scallop  calamari white wine sauce

Penne Puttanesca  Spicy tomato sauce  capers anchovies calamata olives

Lobster Ravioli 5 maine lobster ravioli light creamy pink vodka sauce

Lasagna Besciamella  layering of besciamella pasta Bolognese mozzarella

~ by Vinnie on April 8, 2009.

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