The Tempest At Sea

The winds blew furiously

The waves overwhelming in size.

Men ran to and fro’ knowing

Our ship, she was set to capsize.

A mania of madness set about the crew

Alas it is time, it’s time our lives are through.

Try as I might my hand at the wheel

We were going down fast now exposing our keel.

In the midst of the waves

Just above the crest it did seem

A lady awaited our fate as though in a dream

A cadence rang out calling all to heed

The Tempest, The Tempest, ha haa

The Tempest indeed.

The storm of all storms awaited us there

Our senses, our lives, all laid bare

Yet come morning it was gone

All gone to the sea

The Tempest, The Tempest, had come

Come and gone for you and me.

~ by Vinnie on June 17, 2018.

2 Responses to “The Tempest At Sea”

  1. Dang Vinnie. It was just a cool story ….. until that last line.
    Now I can’t get it off my mind!


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