King Kong’s Catastrophic Calamity

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imageNo one told him about the airplanes and he certainly had not read the script…

After all, gorillas couldn’t read right?

Well maybe not but this was no ordinary gorilla.

This, this was the Mighty Kong, King Kong to you thank you very much!

King had been to the “States” once before many years ago when a group of capatalist money hunters had captured him in the jungles of Africa. King hadn’t liked it then and he didn’t think much of his visit now as neither time was what one might consider a pleasure trip nor even a business one for that matter.

No, this was an involuntary journey made by Kong at the demand of his once former owner, front man, capitalist pig captor, Arie’ B. Rehnquist, traveler-hunter extraordinaire.

Mr. Rehnquist, oft times referred to as “The Big Pig”, was in no way shape or form a  friend to King Kong. No this flat footed, loose lipped, crooked toothed mongrel of a fortune seeking scoundrel was anything but a friend as his actions could only be interpreted by Kong, and those who knew him and the situation best, would, could and in fact did describe this as a heinous calamity of the greatest order caused by one Arie’ B. (as in Boregarde) Rehnquist.  image

This after all was the capture and forced servitude of the Mighty Kong, the all powerful, often times jungle reeking gorilla of the greatest proportions. Why he could, did and once again would climb the tallest buildings with mere fingers and toes, sweep airplanes away with in a singular snort from his nose, then regale his body atop the great Empire State in his most lofty repose.

No ordinary gorilla was he this Mr. Kong, and Jane, you remember Jane, she plain out loved the big gorilla. And many others in the feminine order of reluctant yet heroine-like bold-as-can-be ladies, agreed with Jane’s take on the ape. image

Today we see the dilemma laid out before us for what it truly was, is and forever shall be, in fiction, fact or fantsasy, a case of – ENTRAPMENT!

Yes that’s right, poor King had been spied upon, put upon and preyed upon till he had no “pons” left and was forcibly removed from his noble yet humble jungle environment and violently transgressed upon and transferred to the slick streets of New York City.

Ah, but Kong was not to be out done, oh no, he still had some tricks left up his sleeveless yet very hairy arms. He had been in a similar situation once before if you will recall and he reached into his inner self for the courage and strength that he so desperately needed now.


This cry he uttered from the very tip of the top of the Empire State Building. Precariously balancing astride the piercing antennae with his big little toes, King swatted away one plane then two planes, while yet maintaining his grasping grip on Jane; for if he lost hold of her now, why – “shudder” – she would fall to her most certain and absolute death.

As King snarlled and snapped at the attacking aircraft he kept his balance and…


 Ladies and Gentlemen – we will have to wait and return next week for the continuation of this series. 

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. You have seen the movie, haven’t you?

The Clowns

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 I met.

One time long ago, I was very young and impressionable. It’s funny now that I think about it, I don’t mean that the clown was funny. No, no that’s not right either as it’s not that the clown wasn’t funny. The clown was just a clown darn it, a good clown and … now I forget what I was going to say, oh yes, what was funny was I couldn’t tell if the clown was a guy or a girl, you know, male or female. I mean you would think that to be a part of the human race you are either one or the other but not with clowns, at least not with this clown. But I don’t think it made any difference for this clown didn’t seem to care, this clown was all smiles and happy, full of life you know. At the same time, the very same time, this clown was sad too, really sad. You could take that smiley face of his, or hers, and just turn it upside down and the clown was the clown, the same clown only different. What am I saying, you must think I’m nuts or something. Well anyway, clowns are forever creatures and they can change your life-if you let them. Do you have a clown living with you, or maybe next door or even down the street. Surely there is a clown in the city that you live in, surely there is. I suggest that you go meet this clown. Tell him your sorry for the times you laughed at him not with him and the times when you should have laughed and did nothing at all. Tell him, why, tell him that you love him!



“Skelton and Marcel Marceau shared a long friendship and admiration of each other’s work. Marceau said, “Red, you are eternal for me and the millions of people you made laugh and cry. May God bless you forever, my great and precious companion. I will never forget that silent world we created together. “

JUDY COLLINS – Send In The Clowns

Isn’t it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air..
Where are the clowns?

Isn’t it bliss?
Don’t you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can’t move…
Where are the clowns?image
Send in the clowns.

Just when I’d stopped opening doors,
Finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours.
Making my entrance again with my usual flair
Sure of my lines…
No one is there.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want…
Sorry, my dear!
But where are the clowns
Quick – Send in the clowns
Don’t bother, they’re here.

Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer?
Losing my timing this late in my career.
But where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns…
Well, maybe next year.

Clowns are forever creatures. They live on in our hearts and minds, can spark one’s imagination, add a twinkle to your eye, a lift for your spirit, a new chapter to your life’s book … a portal to your soul. Clowns are industrious, always ready to work, not stopping until the job is finished, until they have achieved tvikelly6heir purpose and ministered to the crowd, the circus crowd, the street crowd, the individual one on one, the lonely one at the office, the quiet one staying at home. It’s true, clowns are forever creatures that you can know too. You cacircus clownn you know if you really want too, it’s not hard or scary. You don’t even have to go out the front door or leave your house at all, really, I’m not kidding. You should try it, I have, I did, I mean, I invite clowns in all the time now.  Sometimes one at a time and sometimes in BUNCHES!11-cad-with-clownsClowns are forever creatures, sometimes happy and sometimes sad but,


I have never, ever met a clown that was bad.  I have never, ever met a clown that was bad. I have never, ever met a clown that was bad. Never!

Nanook Of The North – The Legend

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The Ig-a-loo

It’s been said, that a long, long time ago, deep into the frozen tundra of the ever present, winter north lands, roamed an icy creature called Nanook, Nanook of the North. Although this story may be just a legend passed about from mouth to ear, generation to generation of the great Eskimo Tribes of the Arctic Circle, many believe in the awesome and fearful Nanook, still believe it to this day.

It is said that once upon a time, a fur trapper was hunting baby seals for the fur trade, up in the Arctic Circle. There were numerous fur trappers in the area but none who would venture this far North into the cold, into the night of winter, into the homeland of the awesome and fearsome-Nanook.The Fur Trapper

This particular fur trapper was mean, he was evil, he was treacherous, he was a bad man. Most who hunted the choice baby seals, did so for survival. I mean, a man’s gotta’ eat, right? But not this fur trapper. No. He hunted the baby seal for-pleasure. Duh duh duh dunnnn! The baby seal was small, tiny, teeny-weeny and it was white. It was a symbol amongst the great Eskimo Tribes, of goodness, of all that  was right with the world. To them it was a sin to harm or damage the baby seals life or lifestyle in any way.

Well, this evil, bad fur trapper one very cold, very dark day, in the midst of  a driving snowy, blizzard, happened upon, stumbled upon, came upon even, a primitive Ig-a-loo. It was made of frozen blocks of ice with a short tunnel like entrance. It had what appeared to be a chimney venturing straight up from the top of it. It had what looked like trails of smoke rising above it a foot or two but, it was so dark, so frigid, so- so cold that, the very plumes of smoke were frozen! We are talking cold here.

Well, the fur trapper happened upon this Ig-a-loo and to his delight found that there were a least a dozen baby seals huddled up and against the Ig-a-loo for the little warmth it exuded. The little, tiny, teeny-weeny baby seals were snuggled together apparently happy and content in this, their chosen, Godgiven environment when suddenly – duh duh duh dunnn. The fur trapper picked out the choicest, the teeniest-weeniest, whitest baby seal and….Baby Seal Killer

He started into whipping on this most favorite of baby seals with, with, yes with, a lead filled snowshoe!

 Oh man, oh boy, oh brother, was he in for it now. From inside the Ig-a-loo rose a great roar, a great cry, a great, um, shout of disapproval, no more like a great shout of anger, yes, of rage even. It was the fearsome, the awesome, the nostalgic and great one, about whom Frank Zappa sung, Nanook of the North – The Legend!!!

 Oh my, was he mad, angry even. Baby Seal

Nanook did not bother with exiting from the Igaloo tunnel, no he rose up and burst through the sides, the roof, the frozen plumes of smoke even, and the blocks of ice crumbled into miniscule grains of frozen “icelets”. Upon seeing the evil fur trapper whipping upon his favorite tiny, teeny-weeny, white baby seal, he roared with rage – Roarrr! 

Felonious Fur TrapperThis froze the felonious, fearful fur trapper in his fur trapping tracks and he dropped the baby seal. He had his arms outstretched, trying to make his get away but to no avail. Nanook bent down, he reached down, he then scooped out, a generous mitten full of the  deadly- yellow snow. Yes!  The deadly yellow snow from right there where the huskies go.The Unknown Un-named Fur Trapper

He then proceeded to rub the yellow snow into the eyes of the frozen in place fur trapper until he stood there, with his arms outstretched and said, “I can’t see, do do do do doooo, I can’t see-e, oh do do do dooo”.

Nanook - The LegendIt was at that precise moment that the fur trapper began to break apart and crumble, disintegrating into the ice and snow of the Tundra.

Meanwhile, back at the Ig-a-loo, as the fur trapper disintegrated the Ig-a-loo integrated, that is, it miraculously re-assembled itself, frozen smoke plumes and all, the fearsome, the mighty, the all knowing all seeing, Nanook, seeing that his group of baby seals were safe and huddling back around the Igaloo, he picked up his favorite, tiny, teeny-weeny, little baby seal, re-entered his re-assembled yet ever still, humble abode, and rested.

I do attest to this day, on whatever day it is, that this story in time, is a true and accurate account of these events and can be verified if not justified by the meaningless, meandering melodies, of the aforementioned song’s, the infamous and now deceased, Frank Zappa.   

And The Old Soldier Rested

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Before The Silence

Before The Silence

  Pontiac Springs was the name of the town. Duke was rocking on the porch as usual with Facia his old dog. Rocking, rocking, rocking. Every day pretty much the same now so different than 65 years ago when he was just a young buck. Yeah, so many years ago, only 18 and so innocent, so green, so young. That’s what they did you know, put the young, inexperienced ones up front. Yeah. They were all full of vinegar ready to go, let’s fight us some of those bad boys, so full of themselves. What did they know, what did they know? Nothing of course. Nothing of what was lying ahead of them. Just like the other young boys who weren’t cowards by any means just, well just plain scared. And they too were as innocent as the sun on a brand new day. Yep, green. I know what your thinking young fellow, why not put the more experienced guys up front? You know, some battle hardened vets who have been there before and could maybe handle the situation better but, no, that wouldn’t be any good at all. They knew what to expect and although they certainly would follow orders and act accordingly, they would maybe hesitate before moving forward or look for another way around this rather than straight ahead so…  it was the young ones that went first, yeah, they were first into the storm. Go, Go, Go, Go… Then old Duke was there, there on the beach.Yep. I was there alright. Lying face down in the sand and water all red and messy with all kinds of nasty smelling stuff.  Omaha_Beach_American_Casualty I thought, ” man it’s so quiet I must have made it to a really safe spot or buried so deep that I can’t see and can’t be seen, and I sure can’t hear a darn thing. Maybe I really did make it all the way and I’m in heaven now” but, no, no. That’s when my hearing started coming back kind of  one “pop” at a time. A loud blast to my left, now I did hear that. The constant chatter of some kind of weapon spitting out  flames dozens no hundreds every minute! Damn!  When I tried lifting my head up out of the sand and water my helmet went flying off, shot off and I dropped my head back in that sand so quick and sucked in a breath almost chocking, gagging, and I realized it was red with blood and oh man, that was part of some guys insides, oh man and crap, literally crap, in my mouth from this guy lying almost on top of me only, he wasn’t a guy any more. At least not a whole guy. Shit! I’m tired, so tired.

He Remembered When ...

He Remembered When …

And Duke just sat there rocking now, rocking. Facia the dog, was looking up at his old master and wondering why the chair was slowing down. It never went fast but, now it came to a stop. It got awfully quiet. Very, very quiet. And The Old Soldier Rested.       

The Ballad of the Busy Buzzard – an excerpt

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Baby-BuzzardThe buzzard was a cry’n as he just kept a try’n  to be a lap escapee. Well granma wouldn’t have it so she took her old Nun Habit and beat upon the man named Tee. The man started cry’n the harder he was try’n but he was cry’n wee, wee, wee. His tears started flowin and they all started goin in the jar with the buzzard on his knee. So now don’t you know it I’m soundin like a poet it’s all bout that very large buzzard you see. If he wasn’t so busy he wouldn’t get so dizzy and be surprising ole Grandma and me.

The Who’ a And The Roo’ a

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                         The Who’ a and the Roo’a   OR     

The Chi Hua Hua Who Befriended A Roo’a


There once was a Roo’a he always liked to chewa on a kind of red beet stew’a.

Up and down up and down the Roo’a had to climb. He would huff and puff so frantically to get to his seat in time.

Roo’a sat in his usual place next to Spido, Bump and Wee. He gave a start when across from him a stranger did he see. Oh my, oh my, oh my, my, my, my, my. Just who’a can this stranger be? The stranger sat all alone you see all alone on this day was he.He thought to himself what shall I say to make a friend of me? So he left behind the place he had been, it was dark  yes dark, dark, dark. 

It was then that he:    Opened his mouth to sing

                                                        His mind to think  and for

                                                              Love, he opened his heart. 


The Tempest At Sea

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The winds blew furiously

The waves overwhelming in size.

Men ran to and fro’ knowing

Our ship, she was set to capsize.

A mania of madness set about the crew

Alas it is time, it’s time our lives are through.

Try as I might my hand at the wheel

We were going down fast now exposing our keel.

In the midst of the waves

Just above the crest it did seem

A lady awaited our fate as though in a dream

A cadence rang out calling all to heed

The Tempest, The Tempest, ha haa

The Tempest indeed.

The storm of all storms awaited us there

Our senses, our lives, all laid bare

Yet come morning it was gone

All gone to the sea

The Tempest, The Tempest, had come

Come and gone for you and me.


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This teeny tiny spider climbed up the wall today.

Out came a storm cloud and washed it fast away.

The spider would have none of this saying

he was here to stay.

Well the storm cloud was pretty ticked

and huffed and puffed all day.

Now the spider has with him three pigs and a wolf all determined they will stay.

So if you see a spider crawl up your wall this way

Just keep your big fat trap shut and

hope he goes away.

I’m A Prisoner

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I’m a prisoner of my own making,

serving a life sentence for sure.

No hope for tomorrow, no exit,

no escape, no open door.

Take me on a trip to heaven, let me taste the sweet by and by

No cause for sorrow, no cause to cry.

I’m a prisoner of my own making,

The cell door is closed tightly,

So maybe just maybe, tomorrow

I’ll die.

Put the pot on Woman, get that coffee

brewin’ time to move, call it a day,

shuffle past the hangman’s noose.

Let me by, let me cry, give me leave and set me loose.

It’s a crying shame, always the same,

end of the road, a finished game.

No more sorrow, no more teardrops,

the good Lord, He’s called my name.

He’s called my name, called my name

The good Lord has called my name.

I’m a prisoner, I’m a prisoner,

a prisoner just the same.

Standing Room Only

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The box cars were filled with cattle but cattle of a different kind in those days, human cattle,

…no, subhuman cattle, if you believed the Nazi propaganda machine… untermensch.

They were box cars filled with men, women and children; some young, some old and some in between.

The old train was moving across the vast open fields of Russia and Poland, Ukraine and also of course from Germany itself.

As if “just” plain war wasn’t bad enough in itself, this type of atrocity was beyond all measure of acts of human “un-kindness”, acts against humanity itself.

Children cried for their mothers, old men suffering from age and lives of physical hardship stood in the corners of the old railroad car as there was no room to sit.

Mothers called to their children and tried to keep physical contact with them.

These people were packed in;

“standing room only”

The old men and women stood, embraced by the bodies of others, younger or stronger, who were able to stand on their own and without intending to they were a support for these old ones.

Some died while continuing to stand, they just died on their feet.

There was no bathroom, no water, and certainly no food for these unfortunates, oh no, these were the “chosen” people alright, chosen to go from their homes, into the cattle cars and straight to the Extermination Camps.

They were labled by their Nazi rulers as the;


…non-Aryan “inferior people” often referred to as “the masses”.

The peopled cried out to their God;

“Is there no hope oh God for us, your people.”


“Help us oh Lord God for we are being killed,

No we are being slaughtered.

Have mercy on us, for we are your Chosen People.”

But there was no mercy to be had, not this day nor for many days to come. His chosen people it seems were chosen to suffer – chosen indeed.

BrrrrApp… sounds of automatic weapon fire rang out…

Cries of pain, cries for mercy. Cries of innocent ones whose fate it seems, had been sealed.

Then a single shot rang out ….

It was evident to all what their fate would be. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The people were being exterminated one by one, groups of ten and twelve, train carloads of, of… too many to count. It was no use trying to resist even if one was bold enough to fight back. Resistance only meant a worse fate than a bullet to the head. It meant beatings, rape, torture of unimaginable pain and suffering. Why risk being hanged or, or set on fire, perhaps being forced to strip then dig your own grave while your persecutors laughed and sneered. No , oh no. A bullet to the head seemed a better way to go. Almost a benign end to a very, very dark story.

So – men, women and children were sent on their way to the camps, a work camp if they were “lucky”. Better than the death camps where millions were destined to be.

Oh God, my God-why hast thou forsaken me?”

The Great Expanse

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Out of The Expanse it came…

The dark, cold nothingness of infinite space. Distances too great to comprehend. Measurements beyond man’s ability to compute, even with today’s ultra modern super computers it’s all an hypothesis, a scientific “guess”.

Never before had mankind sought to understand and comprehend the totality of the Universe, both the known and the unknown, to this extent.

Oh what a feat it is, to stand on the precipice of the new frontier, to see the essence, the core, the very beginning of time and life as we know it.

So why then the fear, the trepidation, the outright spine-tingling horror of what awaited them in the here and now?

Why should man be so frightened to discover the very roots of his own existence?

Is it the sudden stark reality that what they always believed in their hearts, their inner sanctum of mind and body, that made the truth of the matter so startling?

Something cannot come from nothing…

The headlines across the fields of time rang out with a truth so bold, so simple yet so complex in the scope of understanding that the greatest minds of all time should arrive at this point, at this moment in time eternal…

Something cannot come from nothing…

Jean – Paul Sarte, the famous philosopher wrote in his great essay:

Being and Nothingness:

An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

… On the existence of man, a treatise too complex to discuss in its entirety here, yet too important not to mention; for its thinkers such as he, as well as Kant, Nietzsche and others, influenced by the thinking and writings of notables and even Darwin himself would conclude that man – man along with everything else in this grand universe itself,

did not come from God but from… from…

man did not come from God but from –


This thought process, this apparent “revelation” brought to us by nothing more than a man just like everyone else, a well intentioned but flawed human being, this jolt of insight and “scientific” knowledge, challenged all mankind to abandon the existence of God, a supreme being that created us as well as all living and non-living materials, even the great expanse of space itself;

and instead say;

It all came from nothing ……

The cold, the emptiness, the endless and countless distances of infinitesimal light years, comes crashing down upon us.

Galaxies and stars in the billions upon billions, swirl and roar with fiery heat throughout the vast frozen wasteland of space; containing innumerable solar systems and planets, complete with moons and other satellites, rings not of fire but colorful bands of galactic space debris;

all of this came from……..


Came from nothing.

Yet – how could this be?

It contradicts one of the greatest Laws of science (in itself our new “God”).

In essence, “for every action there is a reaction” – “matter cannot be either created nor destroyed” –

“something cannot come from nothing”.

Professor Bodkins – Professor, are you up there sir?

Please come down sir, as your students have arrived and are waiting for class to begin.

Professor? Professor?!

Please sir,

your students are eager for your lecture to begin –


Commentary: What was once thought to be “just” additional stars found within our Galaxy – The Milky Way, the Hubble Telescope helped to reveal that each speck of light was not just one star but a Galaxy in and of itself.

Such a dramatic discovery; there are literally billions of stars in one average Galaxy and the number of stars Galaxies in this infinite universe is thought to be in the billions also.

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