The Great Expanse

Out of The Expanse it came…

The dark, cold nothingness of infinite space. Distances too great to comprehend. Measurements beyond man’s ability to compute, even with today’s ultra modern super computers it’s all an hypothesis, a scientific “guess”.

Never before had mankind sought to understand and comprehend the totality of the Universe, both the known and the unknown, to this extent.

Oh what a feat it is, to stand on the precipice of the new frontier, to see the essence, the core, the very beginning of time and life as we know it.

So why then the fear, the trepidation, the outright spine-tingling horror of what awaited them in the here and now?

Why should man be so frightened to discover the very roots of his own existence?

Is it the sudden stark reality that what they always believed in their hearts, their inner sanctum of mind and body, that made the truth of the matter so startling?

Something cannot come from nothing…

The headlines across the fields of time rang out with a truth so bold, so simple yet so complex in the scope of understanding that the greatest minds of all time should arrive at this point, at this moment in time eternal…

Something cannot come from nothing…

Jean – Paul Sarte, the famous philosopher wrote in his great essay:

Being and Nothingness:

An Essay on Phenomenological Ontology

… On the existence of man, a treatise too complex to discuss in its entirety here, yet too important not to mention; for its thinkers such as he, as well as Kant, Nietzsche and others, influenced by the thinking and writings of notables and even Darwin himself would conclude that man – man along with everything else in this grand universe itself,

did not come from God but from… from…

man did not come from God but from –


This thought process, this apparent “revelation” brought to us by nothing more than a man just like everyone else, a well intentioned but flawed human being, this jolt of insight and “scientific” knowledge, challenged all mankind to abandon the existence of God, a supreme being that created us as well as all living and non-living materials, even the great expanse of space itself;

and instead say;

It all came from nothing ……

The cold, the emptiness, the endless and countless distances of infinitesimal light years, comes crashing down upon us.

Galaxies and stars in the billions upon billions, swirl and roar with fiery heat throughout the vast frozen wasteland of space; containing innumerable solar systems and planets, complete with moons and other satellites, rings not of fire but colorful bands of galactic space debris;

all of this came from……..


Came from nothing.

Yet – how could this be?

It contradicts one of the greatest Laws of science (in itself our new “God”).

In essence, “for every action there is a reaction” – “matter cannot be either created nor destroyed” –

“something cannot come from nothing”.

Professor Bodkins – Professor, are you up there sir?

Please come down sir, as your students have arrived and are waiting for class to begin.

Professor? Professor?!

Please sir,

your students are eager for your lecture to begin –


Commentary: What was once thought to be “just” additional stars found within our Galaxy – The Milky Way, the Hubble Telescope helped to reveal that each speck of light was not just one star but a Galaxy in and of itself.

Such a dramatic discovery; there are literally billions of stars in one average Galaxy and the number of stars Galaxies in this infinite universe is thought to be in the billions also.

~ by Vinnie on May 23, 2018.

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