The Chosen Ones

“O God, my God…

why hast thou forsaken me?”

The line grew enormously long, longer and longer.

One could not see its beginning anymore,

Nor it’s end.

Odors rose above the huddling, shuffling mass of human flesh.

Signs of physical deterioration self-evident.

Signs of mental and emotional duress hung,

Like a heavy weight, a millstone perhaps,

Upon the shoulders of each individual.

As evident of the physical reality as well.

Streams of people, a “chosen” people,

Young and old, no sign of pride, no self-respect left.

No glimmer of what was once a bold and

happy people, yet were they even people anymore?

One could only wonder at the misery wrought through and through, these people, the remaining

Jews, the remnant of God’s “Chosen Flock”.

Drawn here today where the enemy will mock;

No degrees, no education, no placards portraying wisdom, only sadness, hurt and pain, clothed

them this day, for “every sheep has gone astray.”

As the smoke rises from the incenerators ahead;

These people, once many, now

Six million dead.

Have mercy upon me oh God for I did not know.

This is what the others said;

“I did not know, I did not know.”

(click here to play, please)

~ by Vinnie on May 22, 2018.

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