A Gladiator’s Tale – Tail ?

When the Roman Gladiator got home from working hard at the Colosseum that afternoon, he made an unusual decision. Today even though he was ”dog” tired still hot and sweaty from his numerous life and death struggles in the Colosseum of olde, he would stop — take a few deep breaths, then spend some quality time with his equally antiquated cat – Yourflipidease.

It was on this day our hero fondly recalls, that Yourflipidease first became aware of his tail.

This story, filed away deeply in the dark and dusty tombs of the ancient city until… until they were recently discovered by several lackadaisical office workers, gathered by newly installed Culligan water cooler. This, is their story….. 😌

This post is dedicated to my old school chum Allen Barnhardt, from our ”Panther Gladiator” days at EOHS – 1968.

All-State Champs not Chumps 🤓

~ by Vinnie on March 2, 2018.

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