Choices In The Garden

As I watch the snowflakes slowly fall from the sky above

I think these are signs and symbols of God’s own love

How can it be lowly man oh I am

that this God of mine, the God of Yes I Can

Decided to make me and shape me in His own image

Man looks like God it is His own visage

Though free choice was His aim from the start

It was the organ within it was man’s human heart

That caused the rebellion still to Him foreseen

Though He made us just a little lower than the angels you see

His supreme creation we are human kind in the image of He

Eat of the fruit of the garden

All that you see just leave the one alone

The fruit of the apple tree

For this tree contains the knowledge of good and evil

certainly this one fruit that I request

you shall leave it be

Listen not to the voices you hear the voices not of me

Stay away from this one fruit the fruit of the apple tree

But Satan was wiley even till’ this day is he

His craftiness abounds beyond all others

for it’s pride made him want to be

just like God in heaven as mighty as Me

Then the man and the woman did partake of the tree

the fruit containing knowledge forbidden to thee

And sin found it’s way to the heart of mankind

and to this day you can see

The result of disobedience in the garden

the rejection of right and wrong you will find

When the man and the woman chose unwisely that day

To follow not his loving God

But the evil serpent in the filth and the sod

Who led the crowning creation to his own way

Satan led man and woman he led them astray

On the road of evil destruction and death to this day

~ by Vinnie on December 26, 2017.

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