The Mind Jungle

Trudging through this morass of emotions, thoughts and actions I come to a halt… What could be more self-defeating than this… a blockade!


Metaphysical spheres of life cascading about the wilderness of past living. Actions contributing to effects, one of Newton’s Laws of Physics: For every action or force there is an equal response to it, a force of action in the opposite direction. A constant battle of power without direct willful intent, the opposite of “poetry in motion”, an indiscriminate source of haphazard destruction.

Birth, death, the stages of one’s life flash past my eyes with incredible speed. Loose ends and dying embers of hope challenge my existence with yet another new start, a beginning with no end in sight, a transient being shattered before it’s time, no longer capable of maintaining even the occupation of one’s own orbit.

A pit of darkness looms ahead and behind. Fathomless oceans of old desires, wants and deedless determination culminating in… In what? An end too foreboding to comprehend for its very own existence cannot be accepting if one wishes to remain amongst the living.

And if not you may ask, if life is no longer a part of the plan, then what?

That remains to be seen my friend if you will but rise with me again tomorrow.



~ by Vinnie on April 25, 2016.

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