The Giant Anteater That Hid In The Closet

Not all Anteaters are alike is what Henrietta’s mother always told her and as usual she was right…


And Posy Rosy was certainly no exception to that rule! In fact Posy was so darn nosy that she kept poking her over extended proboscous in many places it had no place being, no sir.

imageOne could hardly fault Posy though for it surely was just something that God built into her nature, a part of her true character you could say. Anyway, Posy knew she was supposed to stay at home, safely tucked away in the little girls closet but, c’mon now, who the heck wants to live like that? I mean just look at her, she represents no kind of svelt figure, let me tell you. Why, Posy is some kind of, of, well some kind of generously big type of creature. She is big by anyone’s standard, much too big to live her entire life confined to a closet.image

At least that was what Posy thought to herself. She said to herself, “self-I really don’t care what they say anymore, I am too, too loney to stay in that little closet only coming out at night. I want to go out in the sunshine, seek and find big old ant hills, and stick my big ole’ snashole right in there and get me some ants!” And by gosh, that’s just what Posy did. The very next day she squeeeezd her entire body out from the closet, very carefully mind you, and proceeded to scamper out the back door and headed for the open road.


“Ah yes, freedom” she thought. And freedom it was as Posy made her way down the garden path searching for adventure.

~ by Vinnie on August 5, 2015.

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