The Hill

Smoke and countless particles of debris rose from the previously barren peak to seemingly cover the entire field of battle…

Although my vision was terribly limited, I could hear the cries of men seeking shelter from the bombardment and the endless onslaught of Redcoats.
I slowly realized that engaging the British troops at this American-Revolutionary-War-300x247juncture was a pure delusional fantasy based on an over indulgence of the image I held of General Washington, one that had been fixed in my mind since he had passed through our small town that day, not so long ago.
How could I have been so foolish, I say to myself now. To think that our small, ragtag roup of assembled militia, had any chance to stand up against this mighty army of proven warriors. Hardened by years of previous battles, training of the highest order of disciple, coupled with the resources of His Majesties treasury. Yes, this was a foolishness of magnitude that would soon validate the words of many of our colleagues in court and our families at home.

”The Redcoats are coming” took on the meaning originally intended by those issuing the warning and relegated our small band of militant yet simple defenders, to a mere remnant of fathers, sons and brothers in arms, arms now lying at their feet as utter defeat and ruin passed through our ranks.

A dismal day, a dismal day indeed.

Men fled the onslaught of British infantry as it was soon apparent we were no match for this well-trained professional army, no match at all. The rout was complete and the battle decided almost before it had begun. Many of us tried to withstand this vastly superior force by valiantly rising, weapons in hand and aiming at our challengers. These same men were quickly relinquished to remnants of a determined fighting force to the trodden remains of a defeated people.

Yet… along the nearby road leading off to the woods came the sound of the fife and drum, a threesome heralding not the battle cry of charging troops, but a reminder to draw together again, to regroup in the nearby towns and villages and prepare for another day to take up the fight again.

~ by Vinnie on July 4, 2015.

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