As night descended over Berlin, there was a sense of foreboding that fell upon its citizenry like a musty, old horse blanket…

Little had been accomplished by those wishing to stem the tide of extreme anti-semitism that swept through 1938 Germany, as the country succumbed to a cadence of marching boots of the Third Reich.  Adolph Hitler and his Nazi henchmen, had found a willing audience as the good people of the land reeled from the financial disasters that followed imagethem all after The Great War. One need not believe whole heartedly in the foul words spewed forth from the likes of the propaganda ministry, no, all one “must” do was listen to the Reich”s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, delivering one of his hateful speeches, to realize that this was becoming a very different Germany. Yes, very different indeed.

So much of the economical basis of this great city, and in fact the entirety of Germany if truth be told, that yes, many, many businesses big and small were established and run by, well run by Jews. The professions also, medicine, law, and of course the professional military and police.

Now, as the Jews were being removed from these positions of power and influence and separated from their wealth, homes and families, their German counterparts happily took their places. Though in many instances these counterparts were not their equals nor even in the same league. Especially when you take into account the Nazi thugs comprising the Hitler SS, considered by most to be nothing more than street vermin, with virtually unlimited power, locally at least.


Power, relinquished with a curious docility yet unwillingly, by a population too shocked and too frightened to do anything about it. Maybe at one time yes, but now that was no longer an option available to these people. No, this segment of the population had run out of options entirely!

As if that was not enough, many old if not famous Jewish synagogues were vandalized and some even burned to the ground and reduced permanently to the rubble of common street trash. A sorry sight indeed.


So on this night, what became know as, “the night of broken glass”, the hammer of Nazi power came down hard on the “untermensch”, the “subhuman” class of former German citizenry, with the resounding crash of myriad shop windows all across the city of Berlin, and indeed through the heart of The Fatherland itself. Hitler’s heel was placed firmly on the collective necks of the Jews to hold them in place and indeed, in place is where they stayed – for a while.

Until the camps were made ready…

Ready for all six million of them.


~ by Vinnie on July 2, 2015.

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