The Story of the Gray Moose part 1


The Gray Moose strayed from his family as he chose not to listen to the admonitions of his mother and father. After all he thought, what do they know about being a young moose in the hippest part of the forest, especially being a young grey moose like him.

Besides he wasn’t going far off just over the hill by the shallow stream. Many of his young friends gather there and together they enjoy the robust vegetation to munch on and a sip or two of fresh cool water to quench ones mighty thirst.image

The Problem with this logic was one, mom and dad were young once too and knew of the temptations at that age and two, being older and wiser now both mom and dad also knew what it took to survive to become their age.

Of course this line of reasoning completely escaped the somewhat smaller brain of the little gray moose as he went barging off into the neighboring woods.


So, off the little gray moose went and on his way he came to a stream and decided to take a drink. Why not, it was warm and he was thirsty. So he did.



But what he didn’t do was to take notice of the sign posted on a nearby tree:


No moose allowed. Well this was news to the little gray moose, as he in his tender years had never heard such a thing and in addition he didn’t yet know how to read.

So the sign was meaningless to this young one until…




to be continued

~ by Vinnie on April 9, 2015.

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