Troubles Abound When Beasties Are Found

I was at my writing desk just off of the dining area, when Great Uncle Winston found me…


zombie 2

My dear child Winnie, what a marvelous display of feminine self defense. I dare say one should remove the preface feminine for you were marvelous!



There was no doubt what so ever in my own mind as to the performance rendered by me, just a few moments previously.



It was amusing however, that Great Uncle Winston had taken all of these months to come to the realization that I, one Winnifred Beufold Porchester, should be endowed with the audacious skills to not only defend oneself against The Undead but to thrive and survive, in times such as these.


Why Beasties continuously roam about up and down the streets where carriages and strollers heretofore made it their habit to partake of the evening air. Now you will find quantities of Beasties and Beastial Remnants, cluttering the walkways and clogging the byways.

zombies street


In the midst of all of this hoopla, I found it quite disconcerting yes, even down right dispiriting, to acquiesce to the knowledge that in the very basement of my very own home, well not actually my home of course but the Porchester Family Home, was infested with more than one of the mongrel remnants of dastardly demise.






As a fact one could hear them roaming about in the quiet of the evening thus rendering impossible a romantic evening’s stroll even for one as rambunctious in spirit such as I.


With the thought in mind, to rid Porchester Manor of the Beasties themselves and the residual sail they in effect produce!



To the lower levels of life I cried and down to the basement myself did descend!

zombie stairs5

~ by Vinnie on March 18, 2015.

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